Designer Lacey Berry wearing earrings from the SS13 collection.

Lacey.B is a fun, modern take on geometric shapes and bold colors, offering an exotic mix of textures through the use of ribbon and beading. Clean, yet unique- chic, but eye catching. Lacey.B, offers pieces that can make a quick translation from day to night, at the whim of the wearer. The pieces are smart and enigmatic, drawing inspiration from different time periods and places around the world.

The Lacey.B muse is not a girl who’s after one thing. She is after all things. She appreciates the mix of night and day, city and country, old and new. She would just as soon wear strappy flats as she would a heightened heel. She chooses to mold the things around her as she sees fit, accommodating her want for excitement and variety, and is unapologetic. She is smart, confident and finds joy in life, weather it comes from an exciting purchase at the flea market, to an extravagant meal. She happily experiences the world around her, subtly but undoubtedly leaving her mark on all she encounters.


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