By Smith + Lacey.B

      Hello everyone! I’m back again to tell you about the second half of my busy March. This time I was lucky enough to reunite with the lovely Smith Sinrod of By Smith. Smith was invited to show her spring line at Jacksonville Fashion Week in (you guessed it) Jacksonville, FL. Smith invited me to pair my accessories with her line for the runway show. For those of you who don’t know, Jacksonville was my home for about three years prior to the start of Lacey.B. It was fun to go back and see how it had changed. While there I  met some lovely new people and got to see some lovely old friends as well. Smith’s Mom and Dad came over for the show also. It was so fun to hang out with them, they are a barrel of laughs.

Smith and Aaron Duncan of on Jacksonville morning news. Smith even gave Lacey.B a shout out!

While at the show, I met Timo Weiland and his mother. Timo is another one of the designers featured in Jacksonville Fashion Week. He and his mother were very sweet.

Here are a few looks from the show. To see the full set head over to JFW’s Facebook page here.

All runway photos COPYRIGHT Mario Peralta 2012.