Sorry, I’m not talking about basketball. I’m sure you’re disappointed. No friends, I’m talking about this busy month I’ve had. March was full of exciting travel, and I’m back to tell you all about it.

First was my trip to NYC. This time I was in the city for a really fun event at Henri Bendel.  If you’ve never heard of Henri Bendel, let me give you a little history. Henri Bendel is a luxury department store located on fifth avenue in New York City. It has been open since 1895 and is known for being the first store to bring Coco Chanel’s fashions over from Paris to the United States. Since 2009, Henri Bendel has dropped their clothing department has decided to focus on accessories, beauty products, and home goods. That is where my side of the story comes in. Twice a year they have an event called “Open-see” where designers can bring their items to show Bendel’s buyers in the hopes of receiving a trunk show at their flagship store. The event is on a first-come-first-served basis so the designers begin lining up at the crack of dawn. I got there at 6 – luckily they were kind enough to give out free coffee. The time you spend inside Henri Bendel only lasts a total of 25 minutes. The most time is spent in line with the other designers. I had a fantastic time meeting everyone and trading tips, business cards, etc. I was not offered a trunk show, but I got some great feedback from the buyers and will certainly be back in August for the next Open-see. The designer standing behind me in line was incredibly lovely and got offered a trunk show for this summer. Her line is called Bijou Van Ness – Do take a look, she creates beautiful pieces.

The real excitement happened when I was standing in line for the open see. I was just people watching on the sidewalk, minding my own business (as much as one can) when BILL CUNNINGHAM walked up in his cute little blue shirt and snapped my picture. I could have died right there. I’m not sure if the picture will ever surface because I was probably making a ridiculous face. Either way it was the icing on the cake of a wonderful trip. If you don’t know who Bill Cunningham is, I urge you to watch the documentary about this lovely man.


Here are some photos from the trip. Stay tuned for Part 2 : Jacksonville Fashion Week!